Are you an expert, wanting to make the next international move? This is the right time to visit Puerto Rico. There are many facts out there about Puerto Rico. Many things will be waiting for you if you decide to visit there soon. Where exactly is Puerto Rico? It is found in the Greater Antilles of the Caribbean region. Puerto Rico is bordered by the Dominican Republic on the West.

The Southern shores of Puerto Rico are facing the Caribbean Sea and those of the North face towards the Atlantic Ocean. Here, are other 10 facts you did not know about Puerto Rico:

1. They use U.S. Dollar as their currency- this is the first of all the known facts that brings good news to many experts travelling to this Caribbean country because they do not need to worry about exchange rates.

2. You do not need to carry your passport in case you are travelling from the USA- Puerto Rico is USA’s asset. What this means is that if you are a tourist from the United States, you visit Puerto Rico as one of the States in the U.S. Perhaps, what may be needed of you is your Identification Card.

3. Puerto has had 5 Miss Universe winners- this is one of the fascinating facts that make many want to visit Puerto Rico. Many strongly believe that they might be able to see at least one of these beauties at the beach.

4. It has the best coffee- probably you have taken it unknowingly. Puerto Rico is one country with good, sweet coffee. Think of brands like Café Rico, Alto Grande, Café Crema and El Lareno. All these are coffee facts that many would love to taste.

5. Puerto Rico streets are paved with pure gold- well, that is an exaggeration. Most streets in Puerto Rico’s major cities are covered with cobblestones that are blue in color. This investment gives Puerto’s streets a charming vibe. Many of the visitors to these streets take massive photos.

6. No rum shortage in Puerto Rico- it is known that there is plenty of rum in Puerto Rico. In fact, the country has a surplus. For as little as $1 you are likely to get a shot of your favorite brand.
7. Home of world’s largest radio telescope- yes, it may be amazing, but it is true. Puerto Rico has a 1000ft diameter single-dish telescope. It occupies a space of approximately 20 acres. Among the facts, this is interesting because Puerto Rico is not recognized in the world of technology.

8. Home of second-largest port- you need to be here on vacation. The port is located in San Juan and authorities here offer incentives to travelers particularly travelling fanatics. This Fun Card helps them receive discounts on, shopping, lodging, and dining.

9. The country has beaches that cover more than 270 miles- there are many beaches in Puerto Rico than you ever known. Their quality, uniqueness, and variety will inspire you.

10. Sells much of her rum to the U.S. – it is estimated that over 70% of the rum sold in the U.S. market, come from Puerto Rico. When you visit Puerto Rico, you will encounter the best cocktails the likes you have never tasted anywhere. These facts about rum are fascinating. Are they not?

There are many amazing facts about Puerto Rico, but a few facts highlighted above will indeed entice you to travel there the soonest possible.

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